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Une biographie ( en anglais ) d'une famille wallisienne ...

17 Novembre 2012, 00:13am

Publié par kodamian

Voici un exemple de biographie dressée par un membre d'une famille wallisienne.
En anglais dans le texte .
Merci Peter pour ce travail de recherche : 
John Henry Smith was an America Jewish-German , the family originally came from Germany.
John Henry Smith was a son of Seth Smith & Mary Marlyn of New York.
John Henry Smith arrived in Uvea around the 1850s or 1860s and eventually became an agent for the Germany company Godeffroy & Sohns. He later married Helena Toifale Jones a daughter of Vitalina Pola (Rotuma) and John Jones.
John Henry Smith & Helena Toifale Jones had 4 children:
1. Elizabeth Smith (Elisapeta Simete)
2. John Smith  (Soane Moevai Simete)
3. Benjamin Ambrose Smith (Pelenato/Peni Simete)
4. Louis Smith (Lutoviko Simete)
Elizabeth Smith married Ernst-Jerome Wendt around 1876 in Uvea as you have mentioned.
They had many children :
1. Maxwell Wendt  -   married Emelita Teki Falelavaki (my grand parents)
2. Louis Wendt      -   maried Malia Moimoi
3. Sofia Wendt      -   married Alfred Joubert
4. William Wendt   -   married Helena Tuagafau/Falakika Ufikula Tafilagi
5. Helen Wendt     -   married Charles Peterson
6. Otto Wendt       -   married Lucy 'A' Costa
7. John Wendt (Soane Tukuo) -  married unknown
8. Elena Wendt     -   married unknown
9. Metotio Wendt   -   Senelosa
10. Emma Wendt   -   married Jacob Steiner Jr
11. Emalita Wendt   -   married  Ateleno Amole Keletaona
12. Alfred Wendt    -  married Louisa Wedlock
13. Arthur Wendt    -  married unknown.
Ernst-Jerome Wendt also had 2 sons in Samoa :
1. Johannes Heinrich Wendt
2. Hans Wendt
In 1879 Ernst-Jerome Wendt took over as Godeffroy & Sohns agent from his father inlaw John Henry Smith
after being expelled for assassination attempt on somebody.
Ernst-Jerome Wendt served for about 20 yrs as Agent for the German Company until his death in 1899 in Uvea.
In 1900 the son inlaw Alfred Joubert took over as agent for Godeffroy. 
He died 1911 on a ship travelling from Futuna to Wallis when the ship sank.Godeffroy & Sohn had by now pulled
out of Uvea.
The Wendt family ran their copra enterprise until the early 1920s when the family stopped trading in copra.
Otto Wendt and Alfred Wendt moved to Fiji around 1905.
Maxwell Wendt also moved to Fiji with his family around 1927.
Louis Wendt settled and married and died in Uvea.
Emelita Wendt settled in Futuna.
Helen Wendt & Charles Peterson moved from Futuna to Samoa in the 1930s.
Emma Wendt & Jacob Steiner Jr settled in Fiji in the early 1900s. 
Sofia Wendt is said to have left for Samoa after Alfred Joubert died in 1911.
William Wendt and his family moved to Fiji then to New Caledonbia although some
family member stayed in Uvea & Futuna for many years.
Very little information is available about the other children
John Wendt, Elena Wendt, Metotio Wendt and Arthur Wendt.
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